The fervor, commitment and vision that I bring to my work with individuals and organizations can be attributed to early days of training in community mobilization on the West Side of Chicago during the heyday of uncertainty in the late sixties.  Sitting at the foot of community elders, I learned the importance of listening to the wisdom that comes from those who are most impacted by the problems we were trying to solve. So often they had the answers when the right questions were asked. I also learned about being part of a community of love and accountability. I learned what it means to have vision. It was their insistence that I go out and experience all that the world has to offer and bring back those gifts to the community.

These seeds of expectation, hope, and love from both my family of origin, and chosen family of community were the roots that launched my lifelong journey into social justice and more importantly, working to prevent violence against women and girls.  For more than twenty years through the auspices of the Institute of Cultural Affairs I worked in small communities in Venezuela, Zambia, Kenya, Jamaica, Brazil, India, and throughout the United States.  Much of my work involved working with communities to design and implement small economic enterprises that enabled women and youth to become economically self-sufficient.  

These experiences eventually led me to STAND! For Families Free of Violence in Contra Costa County where I recently retired as Client Services Director after 24 years.  During my tenure at STAND! I filled many roles, including Regional Director of Residential Services, Prevention and Clinical Programs while serving as a member of the Senior Management team. Well known for my work in prevention,  I am most proud of the various community partnerships that I was involved with, including the Kaiser Resilience Project, a multi-year effort that addresses school climate wellness, the Collaborative Response to Victims of Crime project, a multi-faith and service provider initiative to minister to social and spiritual needs of crime victims, The Faith Community Taskforce of CCC, an eight-year effort of domestic violence advocates and faith leaders from Judaic, Islamic, Christian, and Buddhist traditions that provided education and training to the community on addressing the Role of the Faith Community in preventing family violence.  

It is this combination of skills, talents, and interests acquired through my global community work, personal development work, and work with preventing gender based violence that has led me into this new phase of consulting, coaching, and intergenerational retreats for social justice leaders.  


My consulting/facilitation comes from more than 40 years of leadership, management, and grassroots level involvement. I was introduced to coaching through various leadership encounters. Through coaching I rediscovered the power of collaborative partnership between the coach and the client. The approach and method of coaching aligned with my core values of:


  1. Each of us are resourceful and whole as  human beings

  2. A powerful gift that I can give to someone is that of listening and being curious

  3. By becoming aware of habits that keep us stuck in our everyday aspirations, we have the possibility of exploring new ways of behaving that allows us to step fully into our potential

  4. We can all be a part of a supportive community

If you’re curious and find yourself asking:

How might things be different if there were a place for each of us to go….

What am I yearning for...

What is calling me….

It may be a sign that you’re at the threshold of contemplating change...or in the midst of change.


I invite you to come coach with me.

Sharon Turner

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